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The Go-To For Crawfish Boil & Turkey Fryer Accessories.

Hook’d Co is a company that prides itself on being the go-to for outdoor cooking supplies. We love a good seafood boil and want to make hosting one easier, safer, and more fun for everybody. 

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When did you get started in the seafood boil business?

We started manufacturing and selling the Hook’d On Pot in the spring of 2021. But we have years of experience in the seafood boil industry. 

Hook'd On Pot Basket Hook Being Used By Someone To Drain The Crawfish At A Crawfish Boil Party
Hook'd On Pot Basket Hook Being Used By Someone To Drain The Crawfish At A Crawfish Boil Party

Why did you create the Hook’d On Pot?

We saw a need for a quality crawfish pot drain basket hook after we watched enough people sweat while standing over a crawfish boil, holding up the basket and waiting for it to drain, and then struggling to hold the basket safely to pour it without getting burned.

Let’s face it: no matter how tough you are, trying to hold the bottom of a full seafood basket with a heat-proof glove and no handhold is tricky. And our seafood baskets are always packed full. They need a handle.

So we made the Hook’d On Pot: the handle for your crawfish basket that you attach when you need it and store it in your boil pot or cooler when you don’t.

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What does the Hook’d On Pot do?

The Hook’d On Pot is a seafood boil basket hook that lets you cook crawfish, do seafood boils, even deep-fry a turkey without burning yourself. You won’t overcook the food while you’re waiting for the basket or the pot to cool off, and you won’t have to stand near the heat while the basket is draining. Hook it up and walk away because you’ve got better things to do like laugh with your friends, drink a cold beer, or watch that touchdown.

With Hook’d On Pot, draining is hands-off, and carrying is easier than ever, so you can spread love to everyone at your special occasion. Our product will help make your seafood boil a success and make you look like a pro, even if it’s your first boil.

And though we designed it for seafood boils, our product is also a perfect turkey fryer hook. Of all the turkey fryer accessories available today, we think our Hook’d On Pot can make frying a turkey easier and safer. And safety is sexy.

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Why did you decide to sell Your Outdoor Cooking Supplies directly from your site? 

Because we think our products are the best crawfish cooking accessories on the market, and we want a direct hand in getting it out to people.

Many other companies that sell crawfish boil accessories and outdoor cooking supplies have a hands-off approach. You can buy their products here and there, but they don’t sell the products themselves.

We like the personal touch, so that doesn’t suit us. We’re proud of the Hook’d On Pot and want people to know it.

Why is your Hook’d On Pot a better choice than other crawfish Basket Hooks & Turkey Fryer Hooks?

Why choose Hook’d Co? Our basket hook is sturdy and dependable because we don’t like cheap things. And all of our products are made right here in the USA in the heart of crawfish country—Louisiana. 

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Hook'd On Pot Basket Hook Being Used By Someone To Drain The Crawfish At A Crawfish Boil Party

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